Welcome to the International Technological University Student Insurance Online Waiver Site!

It is highly recommended that you review the FAQ so you know what information you will need to provide to complete and submit the waiver. Once you submit your Student ID and date of birth to view the waiver form you will only have 15 minutes to complete and submit the waiver. If you are not able to complete the waiver in that time you should close your web browser and come back to the online waiver once you have the information you need to complete it.

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Products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc. a non-bank insurance agency affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. Products and services are underwritten by unaffiliated insurance companies except crop and flood insurance, which may be underwritten by an affiliate, Rural Community Insurance Company. Some services require additional fees and may be offered directly through third-party providers. Banking and insurance decisions are made independently and do not influence each other.