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Your name will be in this PSU Waiver Database approximately 48 hours after you register. If you have not yet registered for classes, you will not yet be able to enter the on-line waiver.

PSU Student Health Insurance Plan

Insurance Requirement

Oregon law requires that all international students and scholars at Portland State University (PSU) in F-1 and J-1 visa status and each dependent that accompanies them to the United States in F-2 and J-2 visa status have adequate medical insurance coverage. It is the policy of PSU that these students purchase year-round health insurance coverage through the University even during vacation terms or while out of the country.

All International students taking 1 or more credit are automatically enrolled in the PSU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan unless they choose to submit an online insurance waiver of comparable coverage. International students will be charged a Health Insurance Fee for each of the following terms: Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer Combined. All students who have the student health insurance plan during Spring term 2014, will be covered through September 19, 2014, regardless of summer credit hours. This means that if you have paid the Spring/Summer Combined charge, you will have continuous coverage throughout summer term, regardless of taking classes, traveling, or graduating.

What is Student Health Insurance?

Student Health Insurance is an affordable health insurance plan tailored to the health care needs of PSU students. It features year-round*, world-wide coverage with the exception of when you are in your home country, using the Aetna PPO network. This means students can receive convenient, high quality care when they are sick or injured without having to be concerned about cost or availability of the care they need. The Student Health Insurance plan provides optimal coverage for services on campus and in the PSU community, and peace of mind for both parents and students. An added benefit to having the Student Health Insurance plan is that staff at the Center for Student Health & Counseling, including the on-site PSU Health Insurance Coordinator, can offer students assistance with claims issues, insurance education and provide referrals to specialists if they need additional care that SHAC cannot provide.

*as long as you are taking 1 or more PSU credits each term. (Terms: Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer Combined)

Considering Waiving Out of Student Health Insurance?

If you already have a health insurance plan, i.e. from an employer, parent, spouse/partner, etc… and you plan on waiving out of the PSU Student Health Insurance plan, you should first make sure you can answer Yes to any of these questions that may apply to you:

  • You are on a J visa and have adequate health insurance purchased before you arrive in the U.S.
  • Your government or embassy pays for your insurance through an outside U.S. company, for example, Cigna, Aetna Global, etc.
  • You have insurance through a U.S. employer (or a family member's U.S. employer), for example Intel.

REMEMBER! You can submit the waiver ONE time ONLY. Once waiver has been submitted you will receive a “Waiver Accepted” or “Waiver Denied” page based on the answers provided on the waiver form. You will NOT be able to access the waiver system again to make any corrections, so it is important that you have all the correct information in advance of submitting the waiver. If you have questions after the completion of your online waiver application, please email

Be prepared to respond to the following questions:

  • Do any of the following situations apply to you?
    • You are on a J visa and have adequate health insurance purchased before you arrive in the U.S.
    • Your government or embassy pays for your insurance through a U.S Insurance carrier.
    • You have insurance through your/parent's/spouse's U.S. employer.
  • Does your plan have $2,500 or less individual annual deductible?
    *If you have a family deductible, divide that family deductible by the number of family members on the plan. (i.e. You have a $5000 annual family deductible and there are four family members. $5000 divided by 4 family members = $1250 annual average deductible.)
  • Does your plan offer Inpatient and Outpatient Mental Health benefits?
  • Does your plan pay for at least 80% of Inpatient Hospitalization?
  • Does your plan have coverage for Medical Evacuation and Repatriation?

If you are sure you want to waive the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan, please have your health insurance policy information available and proceed to the on-line waiver form.

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